Text: Romans 6

Ciara Lilly is a Charlotte-area writer. Her faith-based column, Fishers of Men, is published here each Monday. Opinions expressed are solely her own.

This past weekend we celebrated Jesus’ resurrection. As we start a new week, most of us will go back to living life as usual. We’ll go back to our jobs, we’ll go back to our families, and maybe sometime this week we’ll recall how electrifying Sunday service was.

But there’s more to be experienced in our everyday lives. I’m all for celebrating and thanking Jesus for His sacrifice, but I also know that we have a responsibility that transcends a weekend celebration.

When Jesus rose on that glorious day, He fulfilled His assignment. He cleaned our slate of sin and passed the baton to us. It is now our responsibility to live a life that’s pleasing to Him. Understanding the price He paid, we should purpose to possess all that He died to give us.

Just imagine if your parents bought you gifts on Christmas but you never opened them. Instead, every Christmas, you’d say, “Thanks, Mom and Dad, for the gifts, but I don’t think I’ll open them this year.” How would your parents feel? They would probably think you were crazy.

Jesus died to give us several invaluable gifts — eternal life, forgiveness from sins, prosperity, divine healing, relationship with God, grace and mercy, unconditional love…the list goes on and on. And this past Sunday, we all expressed our gratitude for these gifts, but are we accessing (opening) the gifts in our everyday lives?

Let’s go into this week unwrapping all of these gifts. Let’s truly celebrate Jesus’ sacrifice by living the life He died for us all to have every day.

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