The comedian and actor who became a household name is Reginald Ballard! We came to know and love Reggie Ballard from the caricature he portrayed as Bruh-Man – from the “Fifth Floor”, on the “Martin Show”, and he was featured in the Mario Van Peebles movie “Panthers”. Reggie has also debuted his comedic talents on Def Comedy Jam’s stage.
Since college, Reginald has performed in numerous stage plays as well as co-star and guest starring roles in film and television. His most recent appearance was in the hit TV sitcom Martin, where he created the character of BROTHER MAN. He has also had guest-starring roles on Sister-Sister, True Colors, and Words Up (an after school special with Kadeem Hardison).
His movie roles include Big Ain’t Bad, Thick as Thieves@ with Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Hollywood( A Barry Levison Production), Menace to Society, Class Act(with Kid-n-Play). Also Reginald has been featured in Panthers (A Mario Van Peebles Production).


When: Sunday, April 1, 2012

Location: The Comedy Zone

(900 Seaboard St)

Cost: General admission $15.00

Time: 7:00 pm

For additional information call: 980 321-4702 or

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