Whenever CIAA rolls into Charlotte, I’m always reminded of one thing: how much I hate ignorant music.

This train of thought pops into my mind as a result of the songs played (and played and played) at parties around town during the big tournament week. And this year’s CIAA is no exception.

Well, maybe one exception … sort of …

Continuing my multipart tour of CIAA parties, I paid a visit to the lounge/nightclub Mez — over at the EpiCentre — for Jet Set II “The Day Party.” And for the second time this week, I saw that EpiCentre is quite literally the epicenter of CIAA-related party activities.

By the time I arrived at around 4 p.m., the festivities were in full swing, and Mez was swarmed with partygoers.

Perched high above the action was DJ DR, who is known for rocking parties with a blend of soul and classic hip-hop. But, CIAA crowds (for the most part) just really want to hear the current hot hits. So, DR obliged … and will do so throughout the weekend.

Now-school hip-hop artists, however, aren’t really my thing so my ears were initially in pain as a result of being subjected to the worst music this generation has to offer. But before too long, I found myself strangely digging the sounds DR was spinning.

Sure, the songs were asinine and lacked (for the most part) any shred of artistic credibility, but DR’s DJ skills were on point, crafting some blends that made me appreciate heinous tunes by Tyga, Drake, Rick Ross and other quality-impaired “artists.”

All that said, check our DR all this weekend at parties across the city.

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