In barbershops across America, more history is taught than in any classroom.

Haircuts tell tales — a departing soldier wants to ship out sporting a new fade, young men with dreadlocks brag about women, or a father christens his son with his first trim. The barbershop is a community, and its denizens are the storytellers of their time.

In the play “Cuttin’ Up,” York, S.C., native Charles Randolph-Wright crafts a memorable collection of personal history, current events and community lore. These colorful stories illustrate one remarkable truth: “When you have history, you belong.”

Previews: February 10 and 11; runs from February 15 to March 3, 2012. At Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte, 600 E. Stonewall St. 704-342-2251. For more information and to buy tickets visit:

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