Eric Benet and Salvation & Deliverance

See videos of what you may have missed during CIAA week.

It’s not easy trying to catch all the great entertainment options during CIAA week. But while most of you worked, someone had to party.

To show you what you may have missed, we put together two videos.


1. This clip is from the Eric Benet performance Thursday night at the Fan Experience. Benet thanked his fans and said he expects to release a new album soon. And with a daughter at the University of Southern California, he added, the money will be needed.

2. Last fall, the Salvation and Deliverance Church Choir of Tarboro, N.C., proved that size doesn’t matter – at least not when it comes to singing gospel. They beat out seven other regional choirs – including two Qcity churches — to advance to the national finals of the Verizon Wireless “How Sweet the Sound” competition. On Thursday they performed at the CIAA Fan Experience.

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