It didn’t matter to her if you were family, friend or stranger; you got the best she had to give. Herself.

Georgia Dye Mason of Charlotte died Feb. 16, 2001 at the age of 67. She was a Mecklenburg County native and graduated from Plato Price High School. She retired from Carolina Medical Center in 2005, where she had worked for 27 years. She was also a member of H.O. Graham Metropolitan Presbyterian Church.

A modern-day Good Samaritan.

“She was a good friend and loved to help people,” said daughter-in-law Andrea Mason. “If you were in need, she was right there.”

Son Edwin said, “She was a very loving, outgoing person who would help anybody with any problem they had. She was there for everybody and would take time to help a friend. She told me, ‘You can tell who your friends are if your vehicle breaks down; your friend will come pick you up.’ ”

Denise Roseboro said her grandmother was a thoughtful person. “She would be there when needed, either for family or a stranger; she would do anything.”

Georgia married William Mason, her high school sweetheart, who died in 1997. Home and family were all-important , and the couple was blessed with sons Christopher and Edwin, whose families were among those she relished feeding.

She loved to cook in her cheery kitchen, which was decorated with some of her 300 black-and-white Holstein cow figurines. Brother James Dye loved her stewed corn. “She was a good cook,” he said.

Son Chris said, “She was always cooking, and when the family came over, she made sure you ate.” He loved her delicious lemon pound cake, which she taught him to bake.

Tower of strength

“She was very family oriented,” said brother William Dye. “She was always a tower of strength for this family. We’d go our separate ways, but she’d find a way to get us together and stop us from straying too far. I could call in the middle of the night and know that I had somebody to lean on.

“She loved home, loved doing things, and there was nothing you could ask that she wouldn’t try to provide,” her brother added. “She was not only a sister but a friend.”

Brother Charles Dye said, “She had steady, constant love and affection, she was the one who kept us together and kept stuff rolling. She was an energetic, caring, go-get person who had good taste for design. She loved to create, loved fixing things and serving people.”

Andrea said, “She loved decorating houses and could turn a plain room into something exquisite, something out of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. She was very creative.”

Any spare time that Georgia could squeeze out for herself, she used it to watch Miami Heat basketball; her favorite player was Dewayne Wade. She also loved son Chris’ Pop Warner football team, the Westside Patriots. “She was always ready to jump in and help, to take charge,” he said. “She was the team mom.”

Yes, always ready, always helpful, always serving. That was Georgia Dye Mason.

Editor’s note: This is our series called Lives That Matter. Written by Charlotte writer Gerry Hostetler, this weekly feature will profile individuals, recently deceased, who had a positive impact on those around them.

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