Mt. Carmel Baptist Church

Founded: 1878

Address: 7237 Tuckaseegee Road, Charlotte

Phone: (704) 394-3525


Membership: 1,487

Denomination: American Baptist

Pastor: The Rev. Casey R. Kimbrough Sr.

Worship Services:
Sunday school: 9:30 a.m.
Sunday worship: 8 a.m. and 10:45 a.m.
Bible Study: Wednesday 11:30 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Q: What makes your church unique?
We are a loving church family with an excellent intergenerational ministry. We offer a holistic experience — mind, body and soul — where the word of God is proclaimed and taught with passion and power.

Q: What is the church’s vision?
Our vision is captured in our vision statement – “Celebrating Christ to reach, teach and equip people for the service of God.”

Q: What are the church’s core beliefs?
We are Christ centered, meaning we believe that Jesus Christ is the highest and clearest revelation of God. We are biblically based. We believe in the authority of scripture in all manners of faith. We are mission oriented. We believe that Christ has called and equipped us to minister to the needs of people both within and beyond our congregation. We are culturally relevant. We believe that the gospel should be packaged in a cultural form that has a targeted audience. In other words, the gospel is timeless, but the packaging changes. We are gift based. We believe that God has shaped every believer to fulfill that believer’s purpose in the church and in the world. We believe in excellence in ministry. We believe that God has called the church to strive toward excellence in ministry and mission. We believe in excellence and stewardship. We believe that we should show our faith and obedience to God by giving, and giving faithfully.

Q: What ministries and programs are offered?
We offer more than 52 ministries that are offered through a five-fold approach. Worship — our music ministries, liturgical dance, readers, everything that has to do with worship. Evangelism and missions — all of our evangelistic missions and teams. They go to prisons, hospitals and nursing homes. Our missionary groups are local, national and overseas. Then we have a discipleship team. Their focus is the word of God. This is where we do all of our small group teaching, our classes, Sunday school classes, youth education process, etc. We have a ministry team. Ministry is where we have our team that focuses on the needs of our members. We have couple’s ministry; Loaves and Fishes, where we feed the hungry. We sleep people during the winter; it’s called “Room in the Inn.” We have a community garden where we give fresh vegetables to people.

Q: What are the greatest strengths of the church?
The greatest strength of this church is that we are an excellent teaching church, an excellent family church. If you come to Mt. Carmel you will get excellent worship, youth and children ministries, and you will get a holistic approach to ministry.

Q. How do you foster spiritual growth for individuals in the church?
Each individual we teach through a process. When they come into the church, every member has to go through a new member process. Once they complete that, we say to them we want you to function in the five-fold functions of ministry. We want you to worship, to share and to serve. By worship, we want you to attend worship regularly. We believe if you attend worship regularly then God has an opportunity to speak within your life. We want you to identify your gifts. We want you to know what those gifts are, and we want you to share those gifts with the church and the larger community. We want to help you to move from somebody who attends church to somebody who becomes a partner in ministry. The ultimate goal is to equip you and send you back out into the community as an ambassador of Christ.
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