After three days of testimony, federal prosecutors today concluded their cross-examination of Bishop Anthony Jinwright.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Davis Brown finished questioning the senior pastor of Greater Salem City of God just before court recessed for lunch.

In some of his final questions, Brown asked Jinwright whether he had knowledge of the Rev. John Walker’s conviction in 2006. Walker, senior pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church, was sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty to tax evasion, bank fraud and lying to federal agents.

Jinwright today described Walker as a “spiritual son” but said he had limited knowledge of the particulars of Walker’s case.

It was unclear whether the defense will call additional witnesses when court resumes after lunch.

Jinwright, 53, is charged with multiple counts of fraud, conspiracy and tax evasion. His wife and co-pastor, Harriet Jinwright, is charged separately with fraud and tax evasion.

Judge Frank Whitney said he expects to send their cases to the jury on Monday.

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