Bride: Danielle Hughes, 29

Groom: Tremaine Maddox, 30

Bride’s Parents: Aaron C. Hughes Jr. and Rebecca Bing

Groom’s Parents: Gregory Maddox Sr. and Lucia Rogers

Wedding Date: November 14, 2009

Where did you get married? World Worship Center, Charlotte

Bride’s Occupation: Freelance makeup artist and product specialist (shu uemura), Neiman Marcus

Groom’s Occupation: Recruiting specialist, Hewitt and Associates

Bride’s Alma Matter: Winston Salem State University

Groom’s Alma Matter: Morris Brown

How did you meet? We worked together at Neiman Marcus.

Describe the moment when you knew Tremaine the person you wanted to marry: We had separated and gotten back together, and a little over a month later, I knew in my heart that this would be the last man I would ever be with. When we first started dating I knew deep down inside there was something about him that was different, something that I would never let go of, because it was so comfortable and secure.

How did he propose? It was actually a discussion. One day we were talking about the possibility, and it had been a subject that he had been touching on quite frequently. On this particular occasion, there was something different in his voice, and I could hear his heart and his genuine desire to spend his life with me. So instead of pretending that I wasn’t feeling the same thing, I decided to be serious about the idea.

Where did you honeymoon? Star Island Resort in Orlando, Fla. We acted like a couple of kids. The weather was great, the food awesome. But most important, the company could not have been better.


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