Joe fan sings his heart out
One of the highlights of Wednesday evening was a stage performance by R&B crooer Joe. He sang all his hits, including “I Wanna Know” and “All the Things Your Man Won’t Do.”

Toward the end, the slender singer, dressed in black pants and a white shirt, handed the mic to fan Lloyd Williams, who almost stole the show.

Williams crooned so well the audience cheered.

Joe quickly took back the mic and joked: “I know the Carolinas has some singers!”

Williams, it turned out, is an aspiring singer. “I love Joe, and it was fun singing,” he said.
–Lashawnda K. Becoats


New Yorker shows CIAA love
Robert is visiting the Qcity from Brooklyn, N.Y., for the second year in a row. He said he and his buddies are here to party and have a good time during CIAA weekend.

Did he attend a school represented in the tournament?

“No,” he laughed, “but I’m here looking for wine, woman and a good song to dance to.”

Robert said the bad economy wasn’t going to stop him from coming this year, although hotel prices are higher than they were in 2009. He planned in advance.

“I didn’t eat lunch for two months just so I could be here,” he said.
–Lashawnda K. Becoats

Fashion isn’t an afterthought
Shawn, a Qcity resident who was in the convention center enjoying opening day of the Ford Fan Experience, said he’s looking forward to all the events and fellowship with people.

He caught my eye because of the stylish purple ensemble he was wearing — jeans, hard-bottom shoes, a lilac button-down shirt with a purple tie and sweater.

He described his CIAA style as “contemporary, classic, chic and city.”

Did he go out and break the bank to look fashionable for this year’s tournament?
“Nah, I’m wearing stuff from out of my closet,” he said.

On the other hand, Claude Williams of Charlotte (Pictured) said that although this is his first year doing CIAA events, he went out of his way to buy clothing.

He described his look as “ghetto chic.” He said women pay attention to fashion and how they look, so men should, too.

“I’m trying to make sure I look good and am matching, too,” he said.

Williams had a great sense of casual style and personality with a red retro-looking Members Only jacket, jeans, a crisp white T-shirt and a pair of fresh white sneakers.

Unfortunately, his female companion had a nasty attitude and was on the verge of wanting to fight because she didn’t want me to interview him.

Editor’s Note: This year, CIAA fans, dress well, but leave the bad attitude at home.
–Lashawnda K. Becoats

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