Bride: Natosha Evette Watson, 32

Groom: Melvin Giles Riddick, 38

Bride’s Parents: Nathaniel & Barbara Watson

Groom’s Parents: Melvin & Macie Riddick

Wedding Date: December 12, 2009

Where did you get married? First Baptist Church-West, Charlotte.

Bride’s Occupation: Owner/Director, The ASCZ

Groom’s Occupation: Engineer, Time Warner Cable

Bride’s Alma Matter: UNC-Charlotte

Groom’s Alma Matter: NC State, Raleigh

How did you meet? At a comedy show.

Describe the moment when you first knew Melvin was the one: When we laughed at the same things no one else found funny!

How did he propose? We spent the day together one Saturday and visited family and friends. That evening, after going to dinner, he proposed!

Where did you honeymoon? We decided to take a short trip directly following the wedding and plan our honeymoon for April, when it warms up.


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