If you’ve clicked through our Web site today, you probably saw a new feature – QcityBride – on our homepage.

This is our new celebration of African-American love and commitment.

We kick off QcityBride today with Quentin and Jeketa Harris, who were married last month in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

you just got engaged, are newly married or recently celebrated a
milestone anniversary, we want to share your exciting news with the
rest of our readers.

There’s something special about couples
falling in love and making a commitment through marriage. It can be one
of the most exhilarating times in a person’s life.

I remember the
excitement I felt years ago as I planned my own wedding. I couldn’t
wait to share the news of our union with the rest of the world.

I combed through magazines and did research to find as many professionals as I could to help pull off my special day.

QcityBride grows, we’ll provide our readers with stories, slideshows
and quality vendors to help couples plan their own special day.

So spread the love and share this exciting news with friends and family.

Meanwhile, let us publish your engagement, wedding or anniversary announcement for free. Email your name, telephone number and a photo to brides@qcitymetro.com.

“Join the Community”

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