Bishop Claude R. Alexander Jr. has served as senior pastor at The Park Church (formerly University Park Baptist Church) since 1990. During that time, membership has grown from about 500 worshipers to more than 8,000.

He’s been described by some as a visionary and insightful speaker. Perhaps less known is his appreciation for fine fashion.

Alexander says he buys many of the clothes worn by his wife, Minister Kimberly Nash Alexander, a speech and language pathologist for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. He describes his own look as fashion forward, yet classic.

Here, now, are his Style Essentials


Q. How would you describe your personal style?
Comfortable, confident and classic.

Q. What inspires your style?
The wardrobe from the movies “The Untouchables” and “Harlem Nights.”

Q. Do you enjoy shopping?
I love to shop. It is a form of recreation and relaxation.

Q. What are your favorite stores?
I like shopping at Nordstrom for dress shirts, ties and casual clothes. For suits, I like shopping at Pal Zileri in Las Vegas.

Q. What designers do you admire?
I admire Pal Zileri for his sense of color, pattern and texture. He comes with a classic yet fashion-forward sense. Locally, I appreciate Chris Ware, who owns Myles Julian. He does custom as well as some ready-to-wear items. He also is a great blend of classical and fashion forward.

Q. What’s your favorite color?
I love black. It evokes power and mystery. It can be jazzed up and toned down.

Q. Name three items every well-dressed man should own.
Every well-dressed man should own a navy blue blazer that fits well; a black, blue, or camel wool overcoat; and a sharp pair of black leather shoes.

Q. What’s your favorite accessory?
It would be a tie between a hat or a tie.

Q. Do you wear jewelry?
I never used to wear jewelry. Besides my wedding ring, I’ll wear a watch as well as an Episcopal ring.

Q. What item in your wardrobe can’t you live without?
My Coogi beret.

Q. What’s your latest splurge?
I haven’t spent on myself for one year. We’ve been on a personal spending fast. I’ve been shopping for my wife, Kimberly, and daughters, Camryn and Carsyn.

Q. What grooming products do you use?
I use Proactiv skin products. I use No Grease hair product

Q. What style of fashion would you not be caught wearing?
I would not be caught dead with pants hanging off my behind. It may be others’ flow. It’s just not mine.

Q. What’s your favorite cologne?
My favorite cologne is Roadster by Cartier. It can be worn as both a day and night fragrance. I also like Dolce Gabana’s The One.

Q. What style rules do you live by?
Wear what you like. Buy what is of good quality and appeal over the long term.

Style Advice to others:
Have fun discovering your own style. Your style will be a manifestation of your personality. Explore and enjoy. Second to that is realizing that certain occasions call for certain things. There’s no getting around it. While that is the case, there is room to put your unique touch to it. A business interview is always going to require a certain level of dress. However, you can have some fun with the ties and pocket squares.

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Photo Below: Bishop Alexander says he’s been on a year-long “spending fast” when it comes to his own wardrobe, but he has continued to shop for wife, Kimberly (shown here), and daughters, Camryn and Carsyn.

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