Some people, it seems, are born to view the world differently. Take Marion Wright Edelman, for example.

(Before you read further, take a few minutes to watch this attached video.)

Now, what did you see?

you’re like most folks, you probably saw a life-and-death struggle
playing out beside a lake in South Africa. Or maybe you saw a lucky
young buffalo that twice escaped annihilation – first from a pride of
lions and then from a Nile crocodile.

That’s not what Edelman saw when she first watched this YouTube clip, now viewed by more than 47 million people worldwide.

a trip to the Qcity last summer, Edelman, a noted children’s rights
advocate, marveled at how determined the adult buffalo were to save
their young calf. And she wondered why we humans allow our own
offspring to be devoured by the lions and crocodiles of society.

is back in Charlotte today (11/24), helping Seigle Avenue Partners celebrate
its 10th anniversary. For those who can make it, she’s a speaker worth

Date: Tuesday, Nov. 24
Time: Noon – 1:30 p.m.
Location: Myers Park United Methodist Church (1501 Queens Road)

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