Many families are traveling near and far this week to share in table fellowship. Others will gather around tables at soup kitchens, church fellowship halls or in the homes of those who have opened their doors to the homeless. This is the week we set aside to celebrate Thanksgiving. Have a grateful and thankful week!

The Rev. Glencie Rhedrick


What does it really mean to give thanks? How can we give thanks when so many have lost their jobs, homes and sense of self-worth? Thanks is for the gracious God that woke us this morning. Thanks is for the provision given to us as we sit around the table to sup one with another. Thanks is for the outstretched hands extended to us. Thanks is for the kindness of a stranger. Thanks is for the laughter and the new memories made.

Thanks is for the assurance that hope is real! Thanks is for tender mercies received daily! Thanks is for love shared by all. We give thanks because God is always giving to us. We can give thanks because God, our Heavenly Father, surrounds us daily with His love, protection, provision and compassion. We can give thanks because He placed a caring spirit in us to reach out and help one another.

Gracious God, we thank you for birthing us with a loving spirit. Allow us to celebrate this day of thanksgiving, not just this week, but Thanksgiving daily through our compassionate spirit and acts of kindness to humanity. Amen!

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