New video: Robin Thicke

By Lindsay Pollard

Tell the kids to leave the room and peep "Sex Therapy."

When Alan Thicke’s Jason Seaver used to advise patients on “Growing Pains,” his treatments never quite looked like this.

So we’re guessing the apple fell a little farther from the tree — especially when watching son (R&B crooner) Robin Thicke’s approach to a house call in “Sex Therapy.”

Robin Thicke’s latest is steamy …. easily his hottest video to date.

There is quite a bit of skin and intimate interaction with the female lead, which we haven’t seen since he starred alongside wife Paula Patton in “Lost Without You.”

This isn’t one to share with the kids, family, but we’re feeling it.

What about you? Are you ready to schedule an appointment with the good doctor?

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