Enjoy opera music with Opera Ventura

Opera Carolina will host Opera Ventura, an event that will bring together opera lovers to enjoy live opera music, appetizers, cheese and wine.

If you’re an opera-lover looking to meet others who share your interest, Opera Ventura is the event for you.

Hosted by Opera Carolina, the event will give opera coinsurers a chance to mingle with one another while enjoying live opera music appetizers, cheese and wine. The event will be held and catered by The Palm Restaurant.

Opera Ventura will take a nod from the popular game show, Wheel of Fortune, as guests will be invited to spin the “Opera Wheel.” A spin can either call for a classic opera to be sung or a prize to be won.


Date: Thur., Nov. 19
Time: 6-8 p.m.
Location: The Palm Restaurant, 6705 Phillips Place Court
Cost: $20

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