Elections across the nation took place yesterday, many with surprising results. Catching a large amount of attention was the Mayoral race in Atlanta, G.A., where a white candidate got a majority of the votes.

Mary Norwood, an Independent, was the first white candidate to have a strong lead in a Mayoral election in over three decades. Norwood faced off against two African American candidates who both accused Norwood of being Republican and too conservative.

Election results showed that Norwood won 46 percent of the vote, while Sen. Kasim Reed won 37 percent. Lisa Borders conceded after she won 14 percent of the vote. It now looks as if Norwood will face Reed in a run-off election on Dec. 2, as neither candidate received 50 percent plus one vote.

Other national election results:


• Virginia:
Robert McDonnell (Rep.) 58.7%
R. Creigh Deeds (Dem.) 41.3%

• New Jersey:
Chris Christie (Rep.) 49%
John Corzine (Dem.) 45%


• Detroit:
Dave Bing 58%
Tom Barrow 42%

• Pittsburg:
Luke Ravenstahl (Dem.) 55.4%
Kevin Acklin (Ind.) 25.4%
Franko Dok Harris (Ind.) 19.2%

• New York City:
Michael Bloomberg (Ind.) 51%
William Thompson (Dem.) 46%

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