As fall begins to make its presence known, Thanksgiving is fast approaching. This week’s prayer is centered on being thankful. Have a gracious and thankful week.

The Rev. Glencie Rhedrick


Dear Gracious Lord,

We just want to thank you for your abundant grace and plenteous
mercies. We forget sometimes that it is you that breathes life into us. We
forget that you can see much farther than we can ever imagine.

So we want to thank you for being our God. We thank you for forgiving us!

We thank you for opening doors that without Your help would remain
close. We thank You for closing some doors that we did not need to go
through anyway.

Now, Lord, thank you for giving us the right spirit to praise and magnify your name. We thank you for providing us with endurance to run the race and the knowledge to know that You order our steps.

Continue to love us, guide us and protect us!

It is in your son’s name, Jesus the Christ, we pray! Amen, Amen

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