As a preacher and teacher of the gospel, my assignment is to bring the Good News.

Too often we find ourselves feeling that hope has abandon us because we are living on the edges, the fringes and borders.

That’s what this column, “Food 4 A Thirsty Soul,” seeks to address.

My name is Glencie S. Rhedrick, and I’m an associate minister at First Baptist Church-West. I serve our congregation in many capacities, one of which is providing an interactive and engaging Bible study class on Wednesday nights.

One question that often arises in our class and among others is: How do we keep going in the midst of the daily trials we face?

As I reflected on this, I realized that others might be asking similar questions.

“Food 4 A thirsty Soul” is an inspirational word, thought or prayer, written weekly, to encourage, uplift, fill and give light to those seeking a hopeful word.

So join me each Monday on the Faith page of as we reach out to God together for inspirational word.

By His Grace,
Rev. Glencie Rhedrick M. S., M.Div.

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