In my last column I began listing 10 interior design elements to make a bedroom more romantic. I started with the first five suggestions. Today we conclude with the final five, features that are sure to seal the deal and put you well on your way to romance.

Don’t just make your walls talk; make them sing with passion and desire. Add bold colors for intensity and softer colors for clarity. Decorative paint techniques, which include but are not limited to suede, plaster, metallic and fabric, is an opportunity to surround the room in velvety texture. If you are unable or are not ready to pursue a faux finish or wallpaper design, select from wall colors that appeal to your senses. Romance comes in all shades; however, there are some colors, like lime green and citrus yellow, that over stimulate, so I suggest steering clear of the vibrant colors.

Romance-inducing furniture comes in all styles, shapes and finishes. It is a personal choice but it should be comfortable and inviting. Some people prefer oversized furniture with bold graceful curves, while others are minimalists who like strong, clean lines. Just make sure all the pieces relate in scale to one another. Equally important is to stay away from furniture that takes up too much space. Your bedroom design should leave room to breathe, relax and move freely.

Incorporate plants or fresh flowers. not only for the aroma but for the visual representation of life and vitality. A large, well-placed mirror or groupings of smaller mirrors add a reflective quality and direct soft lighting throughout the room. Remember to use a dimmer on all light sources. Artwork in the form of paintings, prints or sculptures should be incorporated into your design. Art by its pure nature is passionate and personal; take time to select the pieces that move you. Include romantic and special occasion photos of you and your significant other to celebrate your union.

There are several reasons why positioning an area rug on top of hardwood floors or carpet will add to the romantic vibe. First, it is an anchor that grounds the room, thereby creating a cocoon feeling. Placing it under the bed directs the focus on the bed. As you step out of the security of your bed onto the lushness and softness of a rug, the warmth continues underfoot. A rug also acts as a sound barrier, helping to occupy a space and lessen that hallow sensation that hardwood or lamented floors have. Rugs are also another viable means to connect elements in a room visually with texture and color.

Turn the TV off and turn the music on to set the mood. There’s nothing like your favorite slow songs to set the mood, so keep your favorite CDs at your fingertips. We sometimes may have to compromise and have a TV in the room. However, the bedroom is for romance and sleeping, so use it sparingly and make sure it’s not the dominant feature in the space. Select one that flows seamlessly with the rest of the interior or conceal it behind a cabinet when not in use.

Creating a romantic bedroom starts first with identifying your needs and desires. Having a strategic design is the best way to achieve harmony throughout the space, so have a plan before you begin the process, and take it one step at a time.

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