Pop life, the free, weekly nightlife event, made its debut in the new Luna Lounge last night (521 North College St).

Promoter Mike Kitchen moved the event from Apostrophe in SouthEnd as part of his goal keep Pop Life in whatever he considers to be the city’s hottest new venue.

When I arrived at 9:30, I was greeted at the door by a familiar face: Kilante. He’s the big guy (a.k.a. body guard) who could hurt you if he had to, but he greets each guest with a smile and says “Come on in.”

Luna is posh, and it holds about 250 people. Its décor is the perfect mix of seating, candles, mirrors and glass. I love the glass room that greets you when you first enter the spot. I’ve dubbed it the “fishbowl” because it allows you to see everyone as they walk in.

There is plenty of space, whether you want to have a drink at the lengthy bar, have a private conversation at one of the leather couches or walk outside onto the deck.

Yes, there’s an outdoor space again, something many patrons missed when Pop Life abruptly left The loft more than a year ago for Apostrophe.

Initially, the crowd was light, but it didn’t take long for people to find their way in, and about an hour after I arrived the party had a nice flow.

Some of the Qcity’s beautiful people were there, although some of you weren’t.

I was pleased to see so many dapper brothers wearing hard-bottom shoes, slacks and sweaters. (Sneakers and stripped polo shirts should not be worn in a place that’s chi-chi poo-poo.)

The ladies looked appropriate, for the most part. Some were too trendy (read between the lines), smacking their gum and rolling their eyes. I need folks to bring a new attitude into this new place.

DJ DR was on the ones and twos, playing old-school, hip-hop jams. Yes, there’s a dance floor now, but I’m still not sure why so many Qcity people like to stand around and look.
If a Biggie Smalls song came on, everyone ran to the dance floor yelling, “That’s my jam!” But when the DJ played something cutting edge, people stood around talking.

Overall, the people I chatted with were impressed. Some said they were relieved that the new space is larger and feels more comfortable.
I agree.

If you want to be where the Qcity’s beautiful people are, checkout Pop Life at Luna each Wednesday night. If you come dressed and ready to mingle or dance, you won’t be disappointed.

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