Friday, I’m going camping for three days.

know what you’re thinking: What black person goes camping? Better yet, what
black person goes camping in the middle of October?

headed to the Lake Eden Arts Festival (LEAF) at
Camp Rockmont in Black Mountain, N.C. It’s a popular arts and music festival
that happens twice a year (May & October) and hosts 5,000 people from all
over the country.

year I camped in the Outerbanks for the first time. Just the thought of
not having electricity, hot showers and the Internet was enough to make me not
want to go.

was I going to do?

the eight-hour drive, all I could think about were all the bugs and not being able to
wear my high heels.

days later, I had to admit, it was one of the best experiences of my life. I
learned I didn’t need as much stuff as I thought I did. I was well rested and I felt so peaceful and relaxed.

is a rewarding experience, and getting back to nature is something I encourage
everyone to try, at least once.

will be my first visit to LEAF, and I’m looking forward to doing things I’ve
never done.

exciting about waking up to fresh mountain air and doing yoga on a mountain. I want to hike, go
canoeing and take a zip line through the trees.

a poetry slam, drumming lessons, massages, food and more than 40 artisans selling original artwork, clothing, jewelry
and musical instruments.

looking forward to hearing all the live music, too. I’m going to dance my butt off to
salsa, Zydeco, Latin, African music and more.

Do you remember
the group Arrested Development from the nineties? They’ll be performing, as well a
Zap Mama.

night I’ll sit around a campfire listening to the drummers circle
underneath the stars.

only concern now is, I hope it doesn’t rain.

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