Editor’s note: If you have a question you’d like to submit to a candidate for local office, email editor@Qcitymetro.com. Today’s question is for John Lassiter, the Republican candidate for mayor.

Q. You said in a recent debate that you’ve never voted for a property tax increase during your years on city council. How can a growing city like Charlotte meet its many needs without ever raising property taxes? Can you perceive a situation where you would support a property tax hike?


We continue to have economic growth that generates an increase in the tax base – new shopping centers, new office towers. That has provided the capacity to avoid a property tax increase. If that economic growth slowed or stopped, and it began to endanger our ability to provide basic services – police and fire – we’d have no choice but to raise property taxes. But we’re not in that position, and I don’t perceive a situation where we get to that position.

Tomorrow: Democrat Anthony Foxx has said he won’t raise the property tax to fund the proposed trolley from Beatties Ford Road to Eastland Mall. What is his vision for getting it built?

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