Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is encouraging all parents to attend parent-teacher conferences scheduled for Oct. 29 and Oct. 30. To help families plan ahead, Parent University is offering the free workshop “Can We Talk?” to provide tips and suggestions on having a successful conference.

The workshop is being held throughout the month at different locations around the county. The next workshop will be held at Sharon United Methodist Church (4411 Sharon Rod) on Thursday, Oct. 15 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Click here to view the schedule of remaining workshops.

“Keeping the lines of communication open between home and school is critical to your child’s success in school,” said Jerri Haigler, executive director of Family and Community Services/Parent University. “This workshop will provide parents with the skills they need to stay in touch with the school and keep the conversations going throughout the year.”

During the course, attendees will receive a packet that includes a checklist with questions to help them prepare for the conference. They will also learn about common myths that keep parents from attending their child’s conference.

Research shows that student achievement increases when parents, students and teachers work as a team. Parents should bring a checklist of questions to help them remember what to ask during the meeting.

Here is a list of suggestions:
1. Is my child performing on grade level?
2. How well is my child performing on tests?
3. Is my child behaving in class?
4. Is my child adjusting socially?
5. What are the most important assignments coming up in class?
6. What is the best way for me to communicate with you?

Tips for a good conference
• Start the conference on a positive note.
• Before you arrive, write down the items you want to discuss during the conference.
• During the conference, take notes so you won’t forget what was said.
• At the end of the conference, recap what was talked about.
• Commit to listening with an open mind. Even if there are problems to discuss.

Parents will be notified from their child’s school about dates and times for individual conferences. School will not be in session during the parent-teacher conferences since the meetings will be held throughout the day. Parents should contact the school if they have any questions regarding the conferences.

For more Information, please contact:
Kathleen Johansen
Phone: 980-343-0472
Cell: 704-506-1731
Fax: 980-343-3647

Cynthia Robbins Shah-Khan
Phone 980-343-1081
Cell 704-634-5136
Fax 980-343-3647

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