With fall here and winter fast approaching, it’s snuggle time. What better way to stay warm than by cozying up to that special someone in your newly decorated master bedroom? Yes, romantic is as romantic does; however, there are still several key elements you can incorporate into your bedroom to amp up the sexiness.

Clear your mind and focus on matters of the heart. The first step in this direction is to clear your room and focus on key elements that create a restful state of mind. What you remove is equally important as what remains. If it has no design aesthetic or useful purpose, get rid of it. You don’t have to be a neat freak. Just resist the urge to fill your bedroom with “stuff” that gets in the way of your romance.

The key to sexy bedding is comfort. Invest in a good mattress. Trust me; your back will appreciate it. Next, your bedding ensemble must be layered for the best sleeping experience. Start with a mattress pad, feather or foam bed, fitted sheet, flat sheet, coverlet, down comforter and an optional bed skirt. For the grand finale, dress it with a beautiful soft blanket for those extra chilly nights. If you love pillows, the more the merrier; however, if you like a minimalist look, two well-appointed, lofty but comfortable pillows will also work. Whatever your style, layer the bed properly for maximum comfort.

I can’t say enough about proper lighting for the bedroom. Lighting should be adequate at all three levels of a room. Recessed cans or a chandelier provide general all purpose lighting. Soft lighting such as table lamps and wall sconces create ambient lighting without being harsh. Place all lighting on dimmers to save energy, reduce cost and, most importantly, to set the mood for a romantic and seductive evening. Don’t forget task lighting, which is used for reading or activities that require directional lighting. A beautiful room deserves to be seen.

Delight the senses with scented candles or heated oils. Lavender and jasmine are especially soothing to the soul. Spray your favorite cologne or perfume on your pillows before retiring. Your entire purpose for filling the air with a delicious fragrance is to relax, release and relate to your surroundings.

Although it’s not necessary to have curtains or draperies framing your window, they certainly go a long way in softening the harder edges of a room. They also deter drafts, add additional color, texture and architectural detailing to a room. In general, fabrics create a feeling of warmth and refinement, so take pleasure in surrounding yourself in the warmth of your romantic bedroom.

In the next article, I’ll share the last five suggestions for creating romance in the bedroom. Until then, follow these five tips to romance in your master bedroom.

Penny Law is owner of PCL Interiors, a studio specializing in residential design. Visit her Web site at www.pclinteriors.com.

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