Singer Tyrese creates new comic book character

The actor/singer has created the first ever digital comic book.

Actor and singer Tyrese Gibson has partnered with Apple to develop his own digital comic book series called "Mayhem.”

"There was an experience that I felt was pretty limiting as far as the comic book experience itself on paper," says Gibson in an interview on

"[So] I set up this technology with my team and this is the first-ever digital comic book [on iTunes] in the history of comic books."

The third issue of "Mayhem," which is downloadable from iTunes, is the first to go digital. It features an interactive version of a comic book with sound effects, page turns and even voiceover.

Gibson himself voices the title character, a masked, dagger-hurling hero described as the "embodiment of raw justice and vengeance."

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Although, Gibson won’t comment on sales figures, he said worldwide sales of the comic book would “Knock your socks off.”

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