Hi, may name is Jay Jones, better known to some as Chef Jay.

Imagine you were sleeping and awoke to the wonderful aromas of all your favorite dishes. You wander downstairs and your house is filled with family and friends, all gathered to enjoy life and great food.

For me, food is made to not only nourish the body but also to evoke thoughts in the mind — thoughts that come from the flavors, the preparation, the smell, the look and even the textures in our mouths.

Food is an all-encompassing tool that, if used properly, can create lasting memories. The right combinations of ingredients can trigger a feeling that says, “Yes, this just like I used to get when I was… (fill in your good food memory here).”

When I cook, I look to add that little hint of something — that small dash of this or that — to give the dish a new flavor profile without loosing the base of the flavors we identify with.

I got my start catering parties and social events for friends and family, not for money but simply for the love of food. Plus, no one seemed to mind being my guinea pigs while I perfected my craft.

It evolved from there to wedding, large-scale private event and anywhere people wanted to use my culinary services.

I graduated from the French Culinary Institute in New York City. I’m now executive chef at Chateau Noir (www.chateaunoirllc.com) a full-service event planning and catering company. I also teach culinary classes throughout the country, focused on helping the home chef bring new life to old recipes, as well as teaching basic and advanced culinary skills and techniques.

A few years ago I began putting my ideas on a blog, and “Culinary Creations with Chef Jay” was born.

Now you can also find me each Wednesday on Qcitymetro.com. I will be on the Living page. My goal each week is to help you get the most out of the food you prepare. I’ll share simple and easy recipes that create a new flavor profile and add to the dishes you have enjoyed for years, but with a new flair.

I hope you’ll join me, or maybe even share some of your favorite recipes with me and other Qcitymetro.com readers.

Jay Jones is the Executive Chef of Chateau Noir, LLC. (www.chateaunoirllc.com)

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