I like to dance, so recently I took an African dance class at Spirit Square, taught by Niche’ Vereen-Faulkner and LeShae Stukes, owners of Shae Movement.

It had been years since I’d taken a dance class, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. From the moment I walked through the door I felt the positive energy.

The rhythm of the drums made me want to move my body and be free. There is something about the beat of African drums. No matter where I am, they instantly transports my mind to the Motherland. In class there were at least four drummers beating away as you practice your moves.

If you’ve never heard of the two Shae’s (they are affectionately called that because of the similarity in there names), let me tell you, these sisters will get you moving.

Their weekly classes not only teach you the art of West African dance, you quickly learn that you are also there to be a source of support to others.

Many women had never taken a class, so the instructors encouraged us to clap and cheer for one another while we danced.

The experience was liberating. Many times, black woman don’t get the chance to support or encourage each other, especially not strangers.

We were women of different shapes, sizes and ages who came together to move, laugh and celebrate each other through dance.

Men and children are encouraged to attend the classes as well.

If you go, wear comfortable clothing. The sessions lasts 90 minutes, so expect a good workout. Classes are held twice a week in two locations. The cost is $10 per class.

For more information: http://shaemovement.webs.com/

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