Neither Anthony Foxx nor John Lassiter has gained a clear advantage in the Qcity’s mayoral race, according to a new poll to be released Tuesday.

In a survey telephone survey taken Sept. 16-20, respondents indicated no clear preference between Foxx, a Democrat, and Lassiter, a Republican. But when asked which candidate would best handle specific issues, respondents who had a preference chose Lassiter in eight out of nine categories.

The poll did not ask respondents to choose between the two candidates. Instead it asked if Charlotte residents would approve or disapprove of each man as mayor.

Thirty-nine percent said they would approve of Foxx. Forty-four percent would approve of Lassiter.

On a different question, 35 percent said they were undecided about which party they would support in November.

The poll was conducted in cooperation with Johnson C. Smith University, which will hold a debate between the two candidates on Tuesday. The sample was of the general population, not restricted voter registration or likelihood of voting. The poll has a 5.9 percent margin of error.

Other findings:

  • Respondents believe Democrats would do a better job handling affordable housing (52 percent), preserving neighborhoods (41 percent) and education (40 percent).
  • Republicans would do a better job handling taxes (44 percent) and crime (42 percent).
  • Thirty-three percent plan to support Democrats for City Council
  • Twenty-six percent plan to support Republicans for City Council.
  • Thirty-one percent were undecided.

When respondents were asked to rate the effectiveness of City Council:

  • Sixteen percent said “Not at all effective”
  • Seventy-three percent said “Somewhat effective”
  • Four percent said “Very effective”
  • Seven percent said “Don’t know”

(The chart below shows how respondents answered when asked which mayoral candidate would be best on specific issues.)

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