While some simply got angry over Joe Wilson’s “You Lie!” outburst
during President Obama’s speech to Congress, one of our elected
officials decided to get heard.

During a business trip to
Washington last week, Mecklenburg commissioner Vilma Leake stopped by
Wilson’s office to express her displeasure at his rude and
disrespectful behavior. The S.C. lawmaker wasn’t in – or so his staff
said – but Leak reportedly left an earful for those who were.

The Qcity grapevine has been buzzing since her return.

In a phone interview last night, Leake declined to be specific about what she said.

went by to let him know that, as a citizen, I did not like what he
said,” Leake told Qcitymetro.com. “I spoke as an individual… All of
the offices say ‘Welcome,’ so I walked in.”

Leake said that even
at the height of President George W. Bush’s unpopularity, his political
opponents never stooped to such tactic.

“I didn’t go there to
curse the man out,” she continued. “I was not satisfied when I left,
but I had some degree of contentment that I had voiced my concerns.”

Asked if she agreed with former President Jimmy Carter that racial
attitudes play a role in much of the Obama bashing by conservatives,
Leak said yes.

“One thing about Jimmy Carter,” she said, “he’s going to tell it like he perceives it to be.”

Don’t sell yourself short, Ms. Leake.


said she also stopped by Sen. Kay Hagan’s office, among others, to
lobby for health care reform. She said the N.C. Democrat told her that
she could not support Obama’s reform ideas.

Said Leake, “I was
awfully disappointed. We worked hard to get her in office. We worked
night and day. The people she’s agreeing with didn’t vote for her.”

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