I hate to say I told you so, but…..I TOLD YOU SO!!!

A 38-10 Philadelphia Eagles win and it wasn’t even that close. To say that the Philly defense put the smackdown on Carolina is an understatement.

Check out these numbers:

–Only 169 total yards of offense given up

–Five sacks

–Five interceptions

–Two fumbles recoveries returned for touchdowns

That’s a fantasy league owner’s dream. I could on and on and on, but let’s look at what else went wrong for the Panthers. (I hope you have time because this could take a while.)

Let’s see…

–Seven turnovers

–No offense line

–No special teams (Did you see that 85-yard punt return by DeSean Jackson in the first half?)

But I digress…

–No running game

–No passing game

–No quarterbacks (Josh McCown and Matt Moore took turns running the Panther offense in the second half to no avail. Can someone tell me why coach Fox waited until the third quarter to pull Jake Delhomme? They were already down 31-10 at the half.)

Need I continue?

The defense wasn’t sharp either, but they did get better in the second half, unlike some other areas for the team. Of course it didn’t hurt that Donovan McNabb went out with a cracked rib in the third quarter and Fox finally benched Delhomme, which prevented the Carolina defenders from being put in short-field positions again.

Just thinking out loud…how many more interceptions do you think Jake would have thrown if he’d stayed in the game? I say two more, since the Panthers would have had to keep throwing the ball to at least attempt a comeback.

For a moment there I had a flashback to the divisional playoff contest against Arizona last year at Bank of America Stadium, when Delhomme had five interceptions.

So let’s add this up….nine interceptions in the last two meaningful games Delhomme has started. I got three words for you – TER-RI-BLE!

Obviously you have to give the Eagle defense credit for the pressure they put on him, but what was going through Jake’s head? It looks like he’s not over last year’s playoff game.

Well, we’re one game into the new season and the Nightmare on Mint Street is baaaaaack!

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