Well, family, just finished watching the MTV VMAs and I’ve got to say, the show always seems to provide surprises (planned and unexpected).

And on a night set aside to honor the King of Pop, it’s a village idiot move that’s sure to grab the Monday morning headlines.

Country star Taylor Swift beat out Beyonce in the Best Female Video category. Before the teen queen could properly thank God, her mom and management, Kanye West hopped on stage and took her mic.

He told Swift he’d let her finish but he had to say Beyonce had “one of the best videos of the year.” To add insult to injury, West ate Swift’s acceptance speech time.

The Internet community flooded the Web with all kinds of criticisms, support and jokes.

“Kanye sucks sometimes” Tweeted @tripper11. “Lol @ kanye pulled a ‘U Lie!’” added @enigmasept, in reference to Sen. Joe Wilson’s much-discussed outburst during President Obama’s address last week. 

But Beyonce, in the classiest move of the evening, managed to somewhat make it right for the country crooner.

In a twist of irony, Bey beat out West (who was reportedly escorted out after his interruption) for Video Of The Year. She said she remembered being 17 and getting her first VMA nomination with Destiny’s Child; she then asked Swift to come out so she could accept her award from earlier in the evening.

In the most anticipated moment of the show, Janet Jackson opened the VMAs with a tribute to her late brother Michael, performing their duet “Scream” as part of a dance medley.

While the VMAs did not have nearly the number of tributes the BET Awards did, there is something to be said for quality over quantity. 

In other tribute highlights, newcomer Kid Cudi (who’s debut album drops Tuesday) honored his fallen friend DJ AM, though the network cut short his performance with house talent Wale.

Missed the broadcast? Here’s more on the highs and lows:


*Pink, who performed “Sober” as a trapeze artist, a nod to her latest album “Funhouse.” It’s a beautifully somber allegory on drug use, and how it leaves addicts hanging by a thread.

*Lady Gaga, sang “Paparazzi,” one of the best songs on her debut album. Her voice is flat in spots but overall, her performance is captivating. She ends it with a bloody death scene.

*Jay-Z and Alicia Keys closed the show with “Empire State of Mind,” on Jay’s “The Blueprint 3.” It’s subued and pitch perfect.


*Lady Gaga’s weird fashions. They’re totally her and totally distracting.

*Russell Brand. As a presenter, he could’ve delivered a couple of classic one-liners. As a host, his humor couldn’t/wouldn’t/didn’t sustain for nearly three hours. (“who the h*ll is this fake Cap’t Jack Sparrow” Tweeted @carmennc)

*Lil’ Mama, who crashed Jay-Z’s performance. Not kidding. Google the show stills.


Best of the night: Tie between Janet Jackson and Pink.

Worst of the night: Kanye West, all by his lonesome.


What’d you think, family? Am I off base with my assesement? And how did it stack up next to the BET Awards?

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