Caster Semenya, the South African runner at the center of a gender dispute, has gotten a makeover, according to You magazine.

Semenya, you may recall, took the 800m gold last month at the Berlin World Championships. Soon afterwards, questions arose about whether she is, in fact, a woman.

According to the BBC, the makeover shows a “softer side” of Semenya, who most of the world has seen only in a green-and-gold running outfit and training shoes.

Her makeover outfit included black leather trousers with a sequined top, a grey knee-length dress worn with a grey cropped jacket and a black-and-white cocktail dress worn with stilettos.

“I’ve never bought my own clothes, my mum buys them for me, but now that I know I can look like this I’d like to dress like this more often,” the runner is quoted as saying.

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