Who says you can’t take it with you?

Lonnie Holloway of Saluda, S.C., may have come close. The 90-year-old African American man was buried recently in his prized 1973 Pontiac Catalina – sitting upright in the driver’s seat, hat on head.

According to video footage posted on YouTube, some family member said they tried to discourage Holloway from taking what some viewed as such an ignominious exit.

“I don’t like it,” his sister, Salle Harris, said in television news footage. “But he told me this long time ago. He said, ‘Salle Mae, I’m going to be buried in my car.’ I said, ‘Howie, don’t make me shame.’ He said, ‘If that’s gonna make you shame you gonna have to be shame.’ ”

Family members said Holloway bought the care as a retirement gift to himself. Before he and the car were lowered into the ground by a crane, some well-wishers walked up to snap photos.

Holloway’s cherished gun collection was buried along side him, in the passenger’s seat. He will rest forever beside his former wife, who died two years ago.

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