In the small Italian town of Vilceresio, Sandy Crane is being hailed as “Italy’s Obama.”

Crane, a 48-year-old black woman, was elected mayor earlier this summer by a slim margin of just 38 votes.

Valceresio, population 5,300, borders Varesotto and the Swiss confederation of Ticino. Crane will serve a five-year term.

A member of the anti-immigrant Northern League party, Crane was born in Springfield, Mass., the daughter of an African-American soldier and Italian mother who emigrated to northern France. She has been described as the voice of Italy’s right-wing party.

Crane has said that she would not hesitate to round up the town’s illegal residents and deport them.

As recently said, “If you’re keeping score at home, that would be: A Mixed race woman from Massachusetts emigrates to a northern Italian town, runs for mayor on a right-wing anti-immigration platform and wins.”

Has anyone told President Obama about this strange comparison?

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