Chris Brown’s had his day in court yesterday. The R&B singer plead guilty to felony assault against singer Rihanna.

Judge Patricia Schnegg was not playing with him. She let the singer know she’ll be watching so he’d better not get in any more trouble.

“I am not the one to ever believe in any hear say or anything else but I am not immune from chatter on the airwaves. Any set violation of the protective order is a violation of your probation… Even though you have probation, remember this is a felony and it does come with potential of state prison if you should violate in any way the terms and condition of this probation or pick up any new case. Do you understand, I just want to myself perfectly clear?,” said the judge.

He was sentenced to felony probation for 60 months and must stay away from Rihanna for the next 5 years. He also must do a 52 week Domestic Violence Program in the State of Virginia.

Click here to read a timeline of what happened between Brown and Rihanna back in February.

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