Nathaniel “Nate” Quick, a former radio personality with WPEG Power 98, died late Wednesday in Dallas.

Quick, described by some as one of the best of his era, left Charlotte in 2003 and was program director at Dallas’ KRNB. Station spokeswoman Joycelyn Johnson said Quick was diagnosed recently with liver cancer and was hospitalized Saturday. His condition quickly worsened, she said.

Johnson on Thursday remembered Quick as a man who cared deeply for the community, especially the homeless, recalling that Quick himself had once been homeless while living in Charlotte.

“When he hit Dallas in 2003, he hit the ground running,” she said. “He was especially attuned to community events, because that’s where his heart was,” she said. “He was always asking, ‘How is this going to help listeners?’ “

In winter, she said, Quick would venture under bridges to pass out blankets to the homeless.

“He was just a good guy, always had a smile on his face, and a great person to work with,” she said.

Quick was a graduate of Clark Atlanta University, getting his radio start at WCLK, a 24-hour campus station. He later joined WPEG, where he met and was mentored by radio legend Skip Murphy. In addition to being a popular on-air host, he also served as WPEG’s music director.

Quick left Charlotte for KKDA in 2003 and worked as midday-drive personality. He later joined sister station KRNB and eventually was promoted to program director.

Deon Cole, music director at WPEG, said he worked as an intern under Quick in 1998.

“Nate was a good dude,” he said. “He’s probably one of the nicest people you ever want to meet.”

Cole said he was impressed by Cole’s work ethic and generosity, especially his willingness to mentor others in the profession. Cole said he believes Quick’s short bout with homelessness may have made him more sensitive to the needs of those.

“He took time with everyone,” Cole said. “He took time to teach you.”

On the station’s morning show Thursday, host No Limit Larry shared memories of Quick and invited listeners to call in with their recollections.

Qcity personality and former radio host Jaye Delai said he never worked with Quick but felt his influence.

“Every shift on the air the brother gave everything he had,” Delai said. “He taught the young cats. He gave everything to radio. He loved radio. He loved being a personality, he loved talking to the people. You could here that in his energy, in his fun and his excitement. I just pray that God is pleased.”

Johnson said Quick died at Parkland Hospital surrounded by family, friends and co-workers.

Funeral arrangements were pending as of midday Thursday.

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  1. Nate Quick was an outstanding GUY and GENTLEMAN!!! He was very upbeat, comical and insightful. It was a pleasure to listen to him on Power 98 (WPEG in Charlotte). Longevity is not guaranteed to any of us…but the quality of life is most important. Nate Quick had a “calling” and he fulfilled it. It’s difficult to say “Gone too soon” because none of us know our appointed day and time. Do not question…but accept because God doesn’t make mistakes. “There is in this world no such force as the force of a man determined to rise. The human soul cannot be permanently chained” (William Edward Dubois (Civil Rights Leader & Teacher.