It seems everywhere I go folks are engaging in the worthwhile effort of recycling. As Americans we have learned the valuable lesson that almost EVERYTHING can be recycled or used again! Not just the usual items such as plastics, newspapers or soda pop cans, but electronic gadgets such as IPods, cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras and personal computers are all being recycled.

As you plan your next redecorating venture, consider including recycling your old furniture as the last step in your remodeling plan. Here are 5 “To Do’s” to make the donation of your used furniture go smoothly.

1. Do donate only lightly used furniture without any holes are rips. You want the furniture to be in the best possible condition and ready for immediate use. Most charities and other organizations that accept used furniture have limited storage so they do not have the personnel to repair badly damaged furniture before re-gifting to a needy family.

2. Do have a minimum of 2 furniture pieces that you want to donate such as a bed and dresser or sofa and chair. The high cost of gas makes it expensive for a charity to pick up just one piece. Consider taking the donation directly to the organization you’ve selected. They will really appreciate it and your delivery will save them gas!

3. Do consider some of the following organizations for possible furniture donations. Check yellow pages for phone numbers and be sure to call well in advance of the time that you want to donate the items:
Salvation Army,
Thrift Stores,
Crisis Assistance Ministry of Mecklenburg County, Women and/or Children’s Advocacy Centers, Army Community Services (ACS), Drama Departments of local high schools and/or universities, Local Churches and Homeless missions and/or shelters.

4. Do get a receipt for the furniture that was donated. As a donor you are eligible to receive the fair market value of your donation and will be able to deduct the charitable donation on your taxes.

5. Do be cautious when donating mattresses that contain any types of damage or rips in the fabric.

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