I’ll admit, I use to be a huge fan of the show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”  Like millions of other viewers, I couldn’t wait for the second season to start. Every week I would tune in to see what was happening with the women and shriek with delight when drama went down, especially when one of the women got cussed out.

I was so intrigued by these “fly” women – they drove the baddest “whips,” sported the latest designer fashion and lived in “phat” cribs.

Then something happened.

After watching the first two episodes of the new season something inside of me shifted.

Seeing the Atlanta housewives argue and cut each other down made me feel sick. I had to actually stop and ask myself, why was I so excited to see black women on television mistreating each other?

In real life I’m all about promoting sisterly love. I believe we should treat each other with kindness and respect. I celebrate my girlfriends, and we are positive support systems for one another. So why was I sitting in my living room each week rooting against black women on television, anticipating their demise?

As I questioned my fascination with the show, I realized that the lifestyles those women portray are part of the negative images the “other America” has of black women. That’s a problem.

Their glamorous T.V. lifestyles promote the idea that black women care only about having a man take care of them, or that all we want to do is shop, get our hair done and wear designer clothes.

For the record, there’s nothing wrong with having nice things –especially if you work hard for them. The difference is, the show seems to imply that the only way sistas can have those things is if we marry a ball player or become some man’s mistress.

The sad part, is three of the five cast members have lost their homes to foreclosure or have been evicted.

Are these women serious? They are selling an illusion. Once the cameras stop rolling, they can’t afford to live up to their television images.

Unfortunately, most of America doesn’t have a filter – they’ll label us all. The hype many viewers see on television becomes the reality of what they believe, and that’s crazy, because we aren’t all the same.

I know the show is made to get ratings, but I’ve decided it’s garbage and I’m sick of it.

Other reality shows are no better in their portrayal of black women.   Look at  “For the Love of  Ray J,” “The Flavor of Love,” or “I Love New York,” to name a few.

I’ve decided to stop watching.

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