Yesterday I did something I’d never done before.

I met a strange woman in a parking lot with “the goods” in hand, ready to score a deal.

No, we weren’t exchanging anything illegal. She was there to buy the Louis Vuitton wallet I put up for sale on Craigslist.

Smart Shopper and I had been exchanging emails all week. With so many people selling fake designer handbags, she wanted to make sure the wallet was the real deal.

I assured her that it was authentic; I had kept the original receipt as proof of purchase.

It all began a few weeks back when I decided I wanted a new wallet to match the print of the handbag I’m carrying now. But I had already spent $600 for the Louis Vuitton, and it didn’t match.

What’s a girl to do?

I knew it didn’t make sense to let the wallet collect dust in my closet, so I decided to sell it and put the money toward the new wallet I wanted.

I had never sold anything on Craigslist before. I first thought about using eBay but decided against it because of the fees and stipulations required. Besides, I was in a hurry and wanted to do a local deal. With Craigslist, I could target folks who live in or near the Qcity.

I posted the Craigslist notice in late July and waited for a bite.


Two weeks past and I started to grow impatient. I was just about ready to lower the price when I got an email Sunday from Smart Shopper. She wanted to know if the wallet was still available. I told her it was.

Two days later I found myself driving into the Harris Teeter parking lot in Morrocroft to meet her. We had agreed to exchange the goods in a public place in daylight.

It felt a little weird going to meet a stranger like this. It felt like I was about to do something illegal.

When we met, Smart Shopper asked why I was selling the beautiful wallet. I told her I had something else fabulous in mind.

She handed me to the cash and I handed her the wallet. The entire exchange took less than 10 minutes.

She asked me to let her know if I’d be selling any more of my goodies. I promised her I would.

If you decide to lighten your load and have authentic designer items to sell, remember, it helps to have your original receipt and dust cover.

Here’s the deal: Smart Shopper saved $300 on a slightly used wallet that now retails for $725. In the end, she walked away with a great deal and I walked right into Louis Vuitton 30 minutes later and purchased my new wallet.

Happy Shopper.

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