Wow. Just wow.

Mariah was totally out of her league going after Eminem. And she probably delayed her new album because she got wind he was spitting mad … and spitting rhymes.

Remember when we discussed “Obsessed?” I was pretty sure she went hard on Slim Shady, considering battling is not her arena.

Now? Now I think she should drop this feud. RIGHT NOW. No rebuttal. No explanations.

Because Eminem’s “The Warning” names names, calls out Nick Cannon and tells listeners that he can describe corners of her house they won’t see on MTV’s “Cribs.” And that’s the tame part of the track.

This gets graphic, family, so MC lambs, ya might want to sit this one out.

You’ve been warned.

For those who do listen, please share your thoughts. Because you know I love to hear (read?) what’s on your mind.

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