If you met yourself at a social event, would you want to befriend yourself?

That question may sound silly at first. After all, who doesn’t think of himself/herself as a fantastic human being. But think about it; are you the kind of person you’d want to hang out with? Confide in? Share your dreams and innermost secrets with?

Here’s what we got when we put that question to some Qcity residents.


Kris Gibbs, 35

“Yes, I would, because I’m a giving, nurturing and open-minded person.”


Clayton Harris, 34

“Yes, because I like myself. I hang around people who I like, and that like me.”


VeeVeca Torrence-Hill, 37

“Yes, because I’m loyal, and I have the heart of God. I look out for myself and others. I’d be my best friend.”


Carl Terrell, 55

“Yes, because I treat people the way I want to be treated, with respect.”


Octavia Scott, 35

“Yes, because I love myself. Anytime you need me I’m always there.”


Jervis Canty, 39

“Yes, I’d probably be my best friend. I treat people the way I treat myself. I consistently give to my friends, spiritually and emotionally.”

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