The legendary Dick Gregory will be the keynote speaker at the “Change is Coming to Charlotte” event series on Saturday, July 18 at The McGlohon Theatre at Spirit Square.

Gregory is a political activist, civil rights leader, an accomplished actor, author, comedian and nutritionist. Gregory not only marched beside Martin Luther King Jr., he was a friend to Dr. King. Gregory’s social satire changed the way white Americans perceived African- American comedians since his first performance in 1961. By 1962 Gregory had become a nationally known headline performer, selling out nightclubs, making numerous national television appearances, and recording popular comedy albums.

In addition to Gregory’s presentation, there will be live performances and a book signing. This event will serve as a fundraiser for the 2009 Charlotte Literary Festival and the “Kickoff to Writing” scholarship program.

The tickets are $25-$35 and are available by calling 704 377-8989 or visiting

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