Nashville Police today are expected to shed more light on the shooting death of former NFL quarterback Steve McNair, whose body was found Saturday alongside that of a 20-year-old woman in a downtown condominium.

McNair apparently died of multiple gunshot woods, including one to the head, according to published reports. The woman, Sahel Kazemi, was shot once in the dead. Police say a gun was found near her body.

Autopsies are expected today.

Police said they are working to unravel the relationship between the two. Kazemi had been arrested two days earlier on DWI charges. Police say she was driving an Cadillac Escalade registered to her and McNair. McNair was in the SUV at the time of her arrest and was allowed to go free because he had not broken any laws.

A police spokesman described McNair’s wife, Mechelle, as “very distraught.”

Investigators said Saturday she was not a suspect but cautioned that could change.

The bodies were found by a a longtime friend of McNair’s who said he co-rents the apartment with the former football star.

McNair, a four-time Pro Bowl selection, played for the Tennessee Titans and later for the Baltimore Ravens. He retired last year because of injuries.

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