Black woman often complained that there aren’t enough good black men around. Black men say too many sisters have too much attitude.

With so many problems dividing us, we asked some Qcity residents if they would consider dating outside of their race.

Here’s what we got. (See related blog.)


Chuck Hinson, 36, (above):

“Yes, and it’s nothing against the black woman. I like diversity and whatever is going to make me happy.”


Jeanine Terrell, 32:

“I would prefer not to, but I don’t want to limit the possibilities.”


Brian Spring (below, right):

“Yes, I’ve learned to like who likes me. It’s not about age, occupation or color.”


Yolanda Walker, 30’s (below, right):

“Yes, and I have. Love can be anywhere. Black men don’t know how to act. I’d marry outside my race, too. Babies all come out brown.”


Jay Curry, 32:

“My preference is black women. I wouldn’t rule out a white woman. Women are beautiful, but I like black women; that’s my preference.”


Akira Vaughns, 31:

“Yes, I would, because you can find love in different forms. I have respect for different races.”

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