Today I took my daughter to one of my favorite lunch spots, Crisp, on Seventh Street.

I’m in love with their Fruit, Nut and Cheese salad, and I’d eat one every day if I could.

Anyway, a sister was in line in front of us, in full “sista-girl” mode. We all know the type, so I’m just going to be honest: I could tell there was going to be some drama.

Here’s the thing. After she ordered the salad that she customized with the toppings of her choice, she told the server it was wrong. She then used her fingers to pick through the salad to show him what toppings she didn’t want. This all took place while my daughter and I were still standing in line. She continued her foolery after she sat down at her table.  She sent her sandwich back before she even had a taste.

I sighed.

It’s incidents like this that make me cringe. When did being rude and demanding become the “in” thing?

I will never understand how that type of behavior is acceptable, especially in public. I’m tired of some black folks (yes, I said it) going into restaurants with a sense of self-entitlement.

If you’ve never had the pleasure (sigh) of experiencing a “ghetto moment ” in a restaurant, you’re lucky.

It’s not cute, and I was embarrassed. Her ignorant behavior continues to reinforce the negative stereotypes other races have about us, and I don’t like it.

If you’re guilty of B.B.B. (Behaving Badly while Black) in restaurants, here’s my advice:

  • If you’re trying a new establishment, take time to read a review online so you’ll know what to expect, from the food choices to the appropriate attire.
  • Don’t take “screw ups” out on the wait staff, even if it is their fault. Remember, there is a tactful way to handle every situation. Use your “inside voice,” and if it’s not handled to your satisfaction, politely ask to speak to a manager.
  • The standard rate for gratuity is 15 percent. I tip 20 percent and above, especially if the service is exceptional. If the service isn’t good (and sometimes it’s not) leave a penny on the table as a tip. It sends a clear message to the server.
  • Lastly, if you can’t afford the meal, stay at home and don’t ruin everyone else’s dining experience.

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