The 8 page article, “Crazy Talk,” accuses Oprah Winfrey of misleading her massive audience due to her, they say, inability to tell the difference between an expert and someone “gush[ing] nonsense.”

The article, peppered with unflattering photos of the billionaire talk show host, points to guests who suggest children shouldn’t be immunized in an effort to avoid autism (Jenny McCarthy), Dr. Christiane Northrup‘s advice to avoid the HPV vaccine and The Secret‘s ability to alter one’s destiny as proof of Oprah’s ability to harm misinformed viewers looking for miracle cures.

The fact that Oprah has only to mention a book or product to send sales through the roof is cited as further proof of her destructive capabilities.

Calling the article’s authors, Weston Kosova and Pat Wingert, work “gutsy” and “smart,” Newsweek blogger Katie Daily writes, “Oprah abuses her influence and credibility by promoting health ‘cures’ that are at best ineffective and at worst dangerous.”

Could it be, though, that the “new” Newsweek is just riding Oprah’s fame train like everyone else? Putting a blurry, puffy-eyed, crazed picture of the cover girl on the cover of its own rag can’t hurt sales.

As far as Oprah’s on-air advice, she says (and we agree): “People are responsible for their actions and their own well-being.”

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