The Obamas left the kids, Bo the dog and Air Force One at home right after attending one of their daughter’s soccer games. They also shrugged off critiques from Republicans who apparently didn’t get the memo: Even president’s get to go on dates with their wives.

After the snarky comment from the GOP, President Obama released this statement: “I am taking my wife to New York City because I promised her during the campaign that I would take her to a Broadway show after it was all finished.”

Of course, everywhere the president goes, so goes the Secret Service, traffic jams and anxious crowds. But, no one seems to mind that the current first family, unlike the last, is not interested in hunkering down in the White House for four years.

The GOP — you know, the one that claims to be the party of family values — released this statement: “Putting on a show: Obamas wing into the city for an evening out while another iconic American company prepares for bankruptcy.”

We say: Kudos to the President for his commitment to a healthy marriage. Sure, zipping off to New York City for dinner and a show is extravagant for non-millionaires and non-leaders of the free world, but setting aside work and time for one’s family isn’t a bad thing — no matter how much money you make or what your current title is.

Besides, don’t you think that the best way to teach family values is to demonstrate them?

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