It’s no secret why orange is one of the hottest colors requested by many of my clients. It represents drama, excitement and energy.

Studies show that if orange ranks as your favorite color, you tend to be a social butterfly. Interacting with family, friends and even strangers comes naturally for you. You are creative, free spirited, impulsive and a risk taker.

Celebrate these attributes because they define you. However, because you are spontaneous by nature, it’s important to balance your life with stability, certainty, and caution. These attributes are typically seen in lovers of blue and teal. Apply these color methods when designing your home and you’ll feel a sense of relaxation surrounding you.

Put a touch of orange accent on your office walls and watch your creative juices flow like lava. Try a splash of orange in a playroom or recreation room where social gatherings occur to stimulate jovial conversation. If you want to use it in a family room or living room, it’s best when used on an accent wall. Too much of this color in areas where excitement should be tempered could be agitating and jarring to the senses.

If you want to sleep on the wild side and it’s a color you must have for your bedroom, I suggest pairing it with cooler tones. Chocolate brown furniture or charcoal gray are the perfect balance to cool off the heat that orange generates. White and cream are two other colors that balance the heat and are great for a sunroom.

Be mindful when placing certain artwork and fabric window treatments against orange walls. Distraction will occur when you use colors that can compete with orange for attention.

Sherwin Williams 6636 Husky Orange is a fantastic color for walls. It has a broad range of appeal and will work in most applications. It’s not too intense and not to vibrant.

Even if orange is your least favorite color, using it in an accessory or two will bring out the lighter side of your personality.

Penny Law is owner of PCL Interiors, a studio specializing in residential design. Visit her Web site at

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